VR Designed for
Mental Wellness

Work can be hard. Wellness should be easy.

Our Publications

A Virtual Reality Relaxation Intervention on NCAA Division-One Student Athletes
EC Psychology and Psychiatry, 2019

An Immersion Virtual Reality Relaxation Intervention for Quality of Life Improvement of Cancer Patients
Journal of Neurology, Psychiatry and Brain Research, 2018

The Effects of Virtual Reality on Mental Wellness: A Literature Review
Mental Health and Family Medicine, 2019

Applying Virtual Reality Relaxation for Anxiety Intervention and Dental Patients
Journal of Anxiety and Depression (Accepted)

The Effect of Breathing on Mental Wellness: Current Literature Review
In Progress

Our Advisors


Earl Brien, MD

Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Board Director, CytRX

As seen on a Sussex Directories Inc site

Derek Suite, MD

Psychiatrist and Team Physician, New York Knicks and New York Jets. CEO, Full Circle Confidential. Sr. Peak Performance, Stress, Sleep expert for C-Suite Orgs. Professor of Clinical Psychopharmacology, Columbia University


Sant Chawla, MD

Adjunct Associate Professor of Oncology at the University of Texas, Medical Oncologist at Cedars Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Center

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"WORLDS is one of the most powerful
mental wellness tools on the market"

Evidence-Based Anxiety Reduction

A clinical study conducted on dental patients using WORLDS by IFGworld

It Works

  • 80% of participants said we helped them relax or reduce their anxiety.
  • 75% said we made their dental visit more relaxing than usual.

People Want to Use It

  • 80% of participants said our WORLDS app was easy to navigate.
  • 75% would want to use WORLDS during their next dental visit.

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"Anxiety reducing experiences- the effects
can be felt for a while after a session"

How it Works

IFG stands for “I Feel Good”. We want that for you and everyone you work with. 
It’s simple to get started, here’s how-

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Dive right into VR and start relaxing. Various features such as guided breathing and mindfulness will start you on your path to wellness.

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