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VR Designed for Mental Wellness


WORLDS is an interactive VR experience with worlds to help you relax and improve your mental wellness. In order to enter WORLDS, you’ll need an Oculus Go device. More information on how to purchase an Oculus Go can be found on the Oculus website.

Mental Wellness Awaits

  • Explore a constantly updating library of worlds from outdoor paradises like a Pacfic coast inspired beach to more subtly luxurious areas of serenity, such as a lush bamboo forest.
  • Custom interactions per world and layered 3D audio provide a deeper sense of immersion and relaxation.
  • Curated ‘Wellness Plans’, such as Guided Breathing and Audio Journey, guide you through the VR experience – all you need is 5 minutes a day.

Take a deep breath.
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Download WORLDS on Oculus today and get access to a visualization experience that only virtual reality can offer. Take a deep breath. You deserve better.